Attacking Bandit Camps for Honor

Today I will explain and demonstrate how to attack bandit camps for max honor Even the largest bandit camps are still very small when compared to a AI castle so it should be easy enough to scrounge up a suitable attack force in no time. The main principle behind attacking a bandit camp for honor is to attack with archers and catapults, no melee troops. This will ensure that all the bandits are killed before the archers enter the keep and end the battle, maximizing the among of honor you receive.

Setting up your troops

Bandit camps come in many shapes and sizes, it would be impractical to list every bandit camp design that is available in the game so instead I will give the general setup which works well for almost any bandit camp. It is always beneficial to scout the camp before attacking but if you are going in blind, the setup I am about to explain is the way to go about it. This setup will take about 300 archers and 28 catapults. First, arrange the archers a few spaces away from the white line in groups of nine, place at least 8 stacks of 9 archers on each side of the castle. Now place the catapults using the 1x5 troop placement template, place 7 catapults on each side of the map as far from the white line as possible while still keeping catapult range firing a little over half between the inside of the white line and the keep. The picture below should help you visualize this step.

Bandit attack setup

The Attack

Once you have your troops placed, launch the attack. When the report comes in you should see something like this; your archers kill off any melee units outside the bandit castle walls and then move on to the bandit archers on the walls while the catapults knock holes in four sides of the bandit castle. I use catapults on all four sides in case it's a large bandit camp with archers toward the edges which might destroy some of your catapults. Once your archers finish killing the bandit archers, your archers will move into the keep and it's over.

Attacking bandit camp

The Result

The more bandit troops you kill, the more honor you get, this report you get should show nearly all the bandits killed so you are making the most honor possible from bandit camps this way. If you are finding many of the bandit camps you blind attack are killing your catapults it would behoove you to either scout them before hand or adjust the positioning of the catapults so they are out of range of the bandit archers. As always I am not claiming that this is the absolute best way to kill bandits for honor, I have tried many setups and this is the one that works best for me. I am simply providing this to help you get started and find your best setup. If you have a good detailed setup you would like to share please contact me and I will publish it on this site for everyone to enjoy.

Bandit camp destroyed